VMC Group

Company Website Redesign

VMC Group comprises four global brands and two global companies that collectively represent state-of-the-art solutions for vibration isolation, seismic control and shock protection. As the leading authority on problems caused by vibration and movement, VMC Group exists to understand and solve these problems by providing products, testing, certification, education and specialized services.

In an effort to elevate its company website to support this leadership position, VMC Group turned to InQuest Marketing for help.

Our Approach

To kick-off the website redesign, we conducted an analysis of VMC Group’s traffic data for the existing site to better understand common visitor navigation paths and where “dead ends” existed. Based on those findings, we developed a new site structure and navigation paths to optimize the site for a better user experience.

With the updated sitemap and content structure in place, our designers created wireframes and initial mockups to show how the new user experience would come to life. From there, InQuest’s development team built custom, responsive page templates on the Umbraco 8 CMS platform.