LMC Truck needed to engage the next generation of truck owners. We put together a long-form video of a local high school’s state-of-the-art automotive and body repair program for use on social media and their LMC Truck Life site.


As a well-known parts supplier for classic and late-model trucks, LMC Truck is a favorite for the truck restoration enthusiast and daily driver alike. But they’re concerned that interest in trucks is waning with younger generations. They needed a way to connect to this important segment of their audience.


Gardner Edgerton High School’s Advanced Technical Center (ATC) is on the cutting-edge of general automotive service and body repair. We did a deep-dive video into the origins, curriculum, vision and success of this unique program highlighting students, teachers and administrators.

While this video lives on LMC Truck’s website and social media platforms, per their request, it is not heavily branded. LMC Truck wanted to get out of the way of the story and let it be told – knowing that viewers would understand their support of such a program.


While the client, school administration and students were thrilled with the end product, reaction to the video from general viewers has been positive as well. The ATC recently had a booth at a national car show and showed the video there which helped visitors see the facility and get a better understanding of the program.