TouchNet has always had pride in the impactful experience, engagement, and community of their conference in years past. However, with the conference being virtual for 2020, we were tasked with creating exciting and engaging content to kick off the conference and set the tone for the week of virtual learning, seminars, and speeches.

InQuest set out to create an hour-long video that would be played as the opening session during this virtual conference.


TouchNet holds their user conference, COMTEC, every other year as a way to help create excitement and community in the higher education space, revolving around the business of higher education and how TouchNet software can streamline processes, reporting, and create efficiencies in the business office.

COMTEC is a must-attend conference that brings together institutions, industry experts, and thought leaders to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and real-world strategies that will help you successfully navigate the ever-changing and complex landscape of campuswide commerce and credentials. There are 40+ sessions in 5 different learning tracks and it offers hands-on training for the users.

This conference is normally an in-person conference where people from schools across the country come together to learn and connect. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TouchNet was forced to hold the conference virtually for the first time ever.

Our Approach

The theme of 2020 COMTEC was “Contactless Campus” – alluding to both the need to have less contact on campus due to containing COVID-19, as well as the tools and benefits that TouchNet’s software provides to campuses, which make them more efficient, less in-person and much more streamlined.

Keeping all that in mind, it feels like we are “living in the future” with all the technology that TouchNet provides, connects and makes possible on campus. We wanted to illustrate that TouchNet is a thought leader, has the tools needed to create a contactless campus, and can help their customers move towards the future.

With the help of brainstorming meetings with the client, we landed on a fun animated video, reimaging campuses as planets that we visit in space through a rocket ship. We also wanted to make sure the opening session felt very futuristic and professional. Instead of sharing a Powerpoint presentation, or having a person talk to the camera while sitting in their office, we decided to shoot the opening session speakers on green screen and superimpose a stage and screens background.


The result ended up being an hour-long, high quality video that opened on the animated rocket ship, taking us through space and showing us all the ways TouchNet products enhance college campuses. It then transitioned into our opening speakers who were placed on an impactful, dynamic background. This allowed us to make for a more engaging video – using superimposed screens to show visual aides, while still focusing on the speakers.

Overall, the opening session was very well received. It set the tone for the rest of the week and created excitement amongst the virtual attendees. We are also able to use the animated rocket video in digital marketing and to fulfill sponsorship packages with other industry conferences and publications.