Mosaic Life Care wanted to inform everyone about their Cancer Care services – especially the leading edge, cancer-fighting technology they had recently brought to the Midwest. The HyperArc treatment can potentially extend life of a terminal cancer patient by years.

We created a campaign entitled, More Time that inspired hope and informed patients they could receive outstanding cancer treatment close to home.

Mosaic Life Care

Cancer Care Brand Campaign


This spot highlights Mosaic Life Care’s HyperArc cancer care technology by showing how many more sunrises, kisses and home games are possible after treatment.

We highlighted Mosaic Life Care Cancer Care and their commitment to providing more time for cancer patients to enjoy more of the things that matter to them.

Print Ad

These print ads mirror the message in the spot featuring Grandma playing with her grandson and the farmer with his granddaughter.

Banner Ad

These banners used the same message and visuals as the spot featuring the farmer, father and grandmother.