From utility work trucks to railroad repair units, HIPPO Multipower units are rugged, reliable and military tested mobile power solutions. To grow industry awareness of the proven performance of their products, HIPPO Multipower plugged into the brand-building expertise of InQuest Marketing.

Research indicated that versatility, durability and power were the qualities that resonated with the target audience. We created a print and digital campaign based on the idea of “Complete Package.” The message emphasized HIPPO Multipower provides all the power you need, for any job you need to do.

HIPPO Multipower

Brand Awareness Campaign


We chose a dynamic action shot emphasizing the powerful capability and mobility to demonstrate HIPPO Multipower’s key benefit to their work truck audience.
To engage our municipal and county department audience we emphasized the responsiveness of this particular mobile power solution.


InQuest created a digital ad campaign that engaged the audience through a clean, concise and powerfully clear message that generated intrigue and a strong click response.