Navigating the logistics of content marketing

Freightquote by C.H. Robinson is a freight logistics provider that primarily serves small business customers. Because their clients typically ship infrequently, Freightquote needed a marketing strategy to keep them top-of-mind and ensure they’re the first place customers come when they have shipping needs.

To accomplish this, InQuest developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy for each core audience, typically taking the form of white papers, infographics or videos. This positions Freightquote as industry experts customers could come to any time they faced a shipping challenge.


Staying Top-of-Mind

Flatbed White Paper

Quarterly content helps position Freightquote as an industry leader. This particular white paper established the company as experts who could help flatbed shippers through a fluctuating market.


With a variety of helpful infographics, Freightquote’s content strategy helps simplify complex freight logistics for customers and keeps them coming back whenever they face complicated shipping situations.


Informative video content helps alleviate pain points for customers and customer support personnel alike. This video explains the information customers need to know about their shipment before seeking a quote.

Conversion Rate Optimization Ads

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) ads on promote quarterly content, keeping customers engaged on the site for longer.

Email Campaigns

Emails are customized and targeted to prospective customers, introducing them to the quarterly content pieces and making it relevant to their current situation.

Social Media

Social media posts break the quarterly content down into digestible snippets and provide regular touchpoints.