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In my last article, I provided four easy steps to update your company’s LinkedIn profile. Now I want to talk about what types of content you can share with your LinkedIn followers to engage them with your brand.

LinkedIn is a bit of an outlier in the social media space. Its users barely spend time on the platform compared to sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and I think that’s why it’s an afterthought for a lot of businesses. However, there’s no better social space for business-related conversations. Since LinkedIn isn’t the platform of choice for mindless scrolling, users visit specifically to catch up on business news and updates. Don’t miss the chance to engage your followers when they’re already in that mindset with these types of content.

Native Video

It probably comes as no surprise that video is first on the list. Native videos, which are videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn, are timely, easily digestible, and more attention-grabbing than static posts. They take less time and effort on the consumer’s part versus reading a long post or blog article, and they’re often quicker for the business to create than the aforementioned written elements.

While quality needs to be good enough, native videos don’t have to look like blockbuster movie trailers or require hours of editing.

Today’s mobile devices record with great quality, and consumers won’t be turned off from watching videos shot on a phone if the content is relevant. In fact, they expect quick video updates from the floor of a tradeshow or out in the field showing a new piece of equipment hard at work.

Native video can be as short as three seconds or as long as 10 minutes, so you can share both quick updates and deeper dives depending on the topic. While it’s typically best practice to keep videos on the shorter side for most social platforms, your business might find several-minute videos perform well.

Especially if your topic requires a more in-depth explanation. The point here is: start incorporating video posts in your content mix and test out some different types/lengths of content to see what works best for your brand. Check out video tips from LinkedIn itself.

Native Content

Sadly, LinkedIn doesn’t allow company pages to directly post native content (formerly called LinkedIn Pulse); however, company pages can share content from individuals’ pages.

The beauty of native content is that users don’t have to leave the LinkedIn platform to get the goods. While this doesn’t help with driving website traffic, you’re providing users information in a more convenient way and instead working to strengthen their relationship with your brand.

Work with your employees to produce content for their individual pages, and then share that article on the company page. This can work with many types of job titles, from company president to a top sales rep. It’s sort of like having brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. The content will also see expanded reach because both the individual’s connections and your brand’s followers can engage with it. Check out the LinkedIn Corporate Publishing Playbook for tips and case studies.


We humans are extremely visual creatures. 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual, and people remember 80% of what they see compared to 20% of what they read.

It only makes sense, then, to use infographics on LinkedIn. Trending topics and noteworthy statistics/numbers are prime pieces of content for infographics, and they’re also very shareable. There are plenty of free tools out there to help you create your own infographics, including my go-to, Canva. Check out this helpful infographic on infographics.


Posts about recent company/industry news and events, team member bios, job openings and relevant industry articles (along with your take on the topic) are all great content, too.

Whatever you do, stay away from self-promoting, “here’s a link to one of our products/services, contact us” posts. The best way to engage your audience is to be helpful and authentic, and while that may sometimes warrant a sales-pitch, no one likes a braggart.


Melissa Slack

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