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Opportunity is Knocking

After all those years of your parents telling you to go play outside, it’s hard to believe that these days you can have a career playing video games on Twitch. Twitch allows gamers to live stream their gaming to millions around the world. And as we know, when there’s an audience, there’s opportunity for marketing. Twitch is no different.

Like YouTube but Better

Similar to YouTube, Twitch has popular gamers that have large followings that tune in everyday to watch their favorite gamers kill zombies or whatever. This essentially makes these gamers influencers. What’s not so similar to YouTube is that Twitch had a concurrent viewership rate of 962,000 in 2018. That means at any given moment in time, almost one million people are watching on Twitch. More importantly, 81.5 percent of those viewers are males between 18-34 years old. Twitch reaches 50 percent of millennial males in the United States, we’re not joking. So, if this hard-to reach-demographic is your audience, Twitch is the place for you. Even better, 82 percent of Twitch users believe that sponsorships are good for the gaming community. They are practically welcoming marketers with open arms.

Movie Magic

There’s essentially three ways you can advertise on Twitch. You can stick to traditional native, display and video product ads. Twitch provides standard options to brands. You can also go the influencer marketing route by working directly with streamers to promote products and services. However, if you’re looking for a new, innovative and engaging type of ad, in-depth story ads are having large success on Twitch. An in-depth story ad is interactive and very detailed, giving it a game-like feel. Fox theaters ran in-depth story ads to promote movies by incorporating detailed character bios and story simulations, all while showing users where they can see their movies and purchase tickets. In 2015, Old Spice created a parody gaming experience called “Old Spice Nature Adventure”. In this three-day series the parody stream racked up 2.65 million total views, 702,920 unique views and 29 years of watch time. So yeah, it really does work. Ultimately, Twitch ads are as creative as you are.

Can’t Hurt to Look

Without a doubt, Twitch is worth looking into if your client is ready to try something new and wants to gain access to a younger male demographic. Since ads range from standard to unlimited creativity, there’s lots of options on how to approach advertising on Twitch. The only mistake would be to ignore their 15 million daily users. So come back inside and start advertising on twitch.

Katie Howland

Author Katie Howland

Katie is a Social Media & Public Relations Manager at InQuest Marketing. She creates and manages content for social media accounts and assists in public relations and digital display. Her favorite part of the job is helping clients get their social media accounts updated and watching how they grow over time. Outside of work, Katie enjoys trying new Kansas City restaurants, although her favorite meal is still Chipotle followed by a hot fudge shake from Sonic.

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