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Today’s media landscape is ever-evolving, which requires continuous learning on our part. As we transition into a new iteration of the InQuest brand, so too do we make a more intentional shift towards the expanding digital space.

InQuest is doing more in the digital world than ever before.

As with many agencies, InQuest has a long history in creating for traditional media like print and TV. While these channels still have their place, we’re excited to explore more and more cutting-edge formats native to the digital environment. Even after nearly a decade of expanding our digital capabilities, there is still always something new to learn. It’s what our clients and their customers expect.

So, when it finally came time to evolve the brand once again, we wanted to make sure that it conveyed not only our change aesthetically, but also our internal shift in culture and mindset to a digital-first focus. This has meant fresh perspectives, continuous training, and careful observation of where the world of marketing is headed.

As always, brand strategy remains at the core of what we do.

Truthfully, it becomes even more important as the digital space provides us with a growing number of ways to communicate with audiences. Brand strategy helps us dictate how to tell that essential brand story, and deliver a consistent message with the increasing interactivity and immersion found in new technology and digital media. And on the other side, the increased connectivity makes it easier to get real-time feedback on what’s working and how well; allowing us to iterate and optimize everything on the fly, whether it be content, creative, UX/UI, or some new innovation we have yet to see.

For a growing number of brands, their key customer constituencies live in the digital space. 86 percent of U.S. adults use the internet at least once per month.1 As of 2018, 15.2 percent of the population only accesses the internet through a mobile device. That’s expected to increase to 20% by the year 2022.2 Therefore, focusing on digital goes beyond the desktop. A truly digital-first strategy starts with a mobile-first mentality.


% of U.S. adults who use the internet at least once per month


2018 - % of population that accesses internet on mobile only
2020 - % of population that accesses internet on mobile only

If we are to continue to connect brands to their customers, we need to go to where the customers are. We have the world at our fingertips in little computers carried in our purses and pockets wherever we go. We need to provide audiences with meaningful experiences in the platforms they use every day, and in manners they have come to expect. There are more messages, more images, more videos than ever, and cutting through the noise requires thoughtful, compelling design and strategy that maintains consistency with the brand.

Bridging the gap between brands and customers in order to form a sincere connection isn’t just the way forward in terms of effectiveness; it’s how we do business.

The new InQuest brand identity aims to reassert our dedication to that core brand principle while also encapsulating our path into the future of marketing.

As a result, we hope to lead the way to success in the digital world for our clients and partners.

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Mike Gregg

Author Mike Gregg

Mike is the Executive Creative Director at InQuest Marketing. He manages the creative team and provides support for creative strategy. His favorite agency memory is creating a knockout tradeshow experience for a construction machinery client that had the competitors' staff asking for tradeshow tips. Mike's hobbies include woodworking, playing guitar and cooking, and if he could have any superpower he would choose the ability to fly.

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