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Time to Adapt

To say that COVID-19 has changed the marketing world is a drastic understatement. Aside from changing tactics, channels and branding, COVID-19 has also changed creative production behind the scenes. InQuest’s creative team has skillfully adapted to new and safer methods of production because not even a global pandemic can slow us down. Here’s how we did it.

Schedule Additional Time

More time before, during and after photo and video shoots allows for scheduled detailed sanitization. All equipment, props, furniture and anything else on site is properly sanitized before additional limited staff is allowed on the premises.

Keep it Small

While production shoots normally have a large crew, we’ve kicked out anyone that’s not absolutely necessary. Only required staff or client-side participants are on site.  Minimizing the number of people on set helps maintain social distancing and minimizes exposure.  Any talent or participants that are needed for shoots should are scheduled off-set until they are needed.

Hands-Off Approach

It’s fun to touch and experiment with different equipment on shoots. But for now, specific individuals are assigned to handle specific equipment, and we ask others to avoid handling equipment, props, furniture or any other assets laying around.  And of course, more sanitizer. All equipment is sanitized frequently and between different locations and sets.

Taking Time to Take Temps

Taking daily temperatures is a fast and easy way to put minds at ease of spreading COVID-19. Any InQuest team members or talent that are on production sites take temperatures daily.  Anyone with signs of illness is required to stay home. Duh.

“You’re Muted”

Planning meetings before production shoots are essential to getting all your ducks in a row.  All planning and pre-production meetings now happen over video conference.  This allows our team to still hammer out important details without risking unnecessary exposure.

Save Some Trees

All talent release forms and other documents are now handled and signed digitally. This is a simple change to minimize exposure and we are living in the 21st century after all.


Mask Required

InQuest team members on the production site are required to wear masks and gloves on all production sites. We all love each other but team members also refrain from handshaking and elbow bumps in addition to social distancing. And of course, more hand sanitizer.

Can’t Slow Us Down

So yeah, there’s been a lot of changes in how InQuest handles production shoots. But with these changes, we continue to connect brands with customers through high-quality creative production. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, so will our safety guidelines for the wellbeing of our talented creative team.

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