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When the estimated 110 million viewers tune into the Big Game Feb. 7, they’ll be watching more than two quarterback greats battle it out. They’ll also watch some of the world’s biggest brands go head-to-head, hoping to win the best commercial title.

No other televised event generates as much hype about ads as the Super Bowl. In fact, this year, brands are even getting buzz for not advertising. Big names like Budweiser and Coca Cola are bowing out of this year’s Super Bowl, opting instead to earmark those dollars for public service announcements promoting the COVID-19 vaccine. But while they aren’t advertising their product during the game, they are promoting their brand through the game — and in a way that might net them even more coverage than a clever commercial.

Still, only brands with the buying power of Budweiser can make a choice like that. But what about the rest of us? Is a local Super Bowl ad buy worth the investment?

The answer: It depends.

Is local worth it?

A local Super Bowl ad can still be costly to produce and air, so before going that route, start with the basics and ask yourself what you want to accomplish with the ad.

If you are an unknown brand, advertising during the Super Bowl likely won’t offer the best return on your investment. A one-time 30-second spot isn’t likely to build long-term name recognition. So, unless your ad is breaking new ground and guaranteed to generate long-term buzz, that money isn’t likely to generate a return.

However, if you’re a powerhouse regional or local player looking to align your brand with a big-time story, then advertising during the Super Bowl may be a wise move.  Your reach will be unmatched by any other communication vehicle.  In Kansas City – it’s estimated that 85% of televisions will be tuned into the game. (To put that in perspective – less than 10% of televisions might be on for a 10:00 p.m. newscast.)

Advertising in the Super Bowl is bold  — and it will cost more than advertising during the local news —  but it’s an impactful way to leverage the energy of a live, captive audience, a rarity in today’s streaming-obsessed nation. It can also elevate your brand, make you stand apart from your peers – and give you an incredible local connection.   And, it puts your brand in the middle of a bigger conversation — the conversation for many.

So, if you decide to go big, make sure you know not only what you want to say, but why.

And, go Chiefs!

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