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Everyone can write. And that’s a great thing – you’re not going to survive long in the business world without being able to string together some coherent sentences. As a result, it’s all too easy to think you can save some money (or streamline the process) by writing something yourself.

And that’s the biggest misconception about copywriters. Writing is only a fraction of the service we provide.


So you need a website or brochure. Your reaction might be to call up your agency and ask for them to design one. Skipping straight to the design phase is putting the cart before the horse.

Like a carpenter will approach any job with a hammer, a writer will tend to approach every job with words and an art director will approach every job with design. It takes both tools to get the job done properly.


On video shoots, you’ll find me feet away from the director making sure talent says what’s in the script the way it was intended. For voiceovers or radio spots, I’m there in the studio with a finger on a button that lets me talk directly to the talent. In the office, I’m collaborating with art directors and production artists to ensure the final product is what we presented the client.

Project Management/Production:

Coordinating talent and studios, working with outside vendors, ensuring all the moving pieces are working together to hit deadlines. These are all part of the job.

Ensuring Consistency:

I’ll be the first to remind anyone that I’m a copywriter and not a copyeditor. That said, a big portion of my job is ensuring that what gets produced for my clients is consistent and error-free down to the smallest detail – like the way they write their phone number.

Knowledge Repository:

Outside of your engineers, few people are as intimately familiar with your products as your copywriter. If someone designing a brochure for you has a question about what photo to feature in a section, they’ll probably ask the writer. I take dozens of questions like that every day – and I’m happy to do it. A big part of a copywriter’s job is simply trying to make everyone else’s job a little easier.

Dave Rombeck

Author Dave Rombeck

Dave is a Senior Copywriter at InQuest Marketing. He writes compelling copy for a diverse portfolio of clients and enjoys getting to learn about each specific industry. As an adrenaline junkie, Dave is our resident skydiver and bungee jumper. He home brews his own beer and loves every kind of seafood.

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