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Are you educating your target audience or enticing them?

Let’s be clear. Informing a prospect with a list of the bells and whistles of your product or service is a lazy way to market or advertise. That’s because you’re leaving it up to your target audience to deduce what your features mean to them. You’re assuming your target audience understands what your features represent and how they will benefit from them.

On the other hand, when you offer your target audience an honest-to-goodness, sure-fire, fully-formed and easy-to-understand benefit, you make that buy button practically click itself.

So, why do so many businesses advertise and market with features instead of benefits? Most likely they don’t see the difference, understand the importance or know how to translate a feature into a benefit.

The answer is a question.

Simply take a feature, pretend you’re the prospect and ask, “So what?” Then explain what that feature means. Next, ask, “So what?” again and keep repeating the process until you get to the core benefit—the actual emotional state of being

Here’s a simple example for a new TV:

Features a 60” screen.

So what?

Creates a more immersive experience.

So what?

Watching your favorite movies and shows will be more enjoyable –a breathtaking experience.

Here’s an automotive example:

Features a Blind Spot Sensor

So what?

Detects cars you may not be aware of.

So what?

Helps keep you safer on the road.

Focusing on benefits makes it easier for your prospects to identify and relate to your product or service. It’s a kindness and consideration that starts the customer relationship off on the right foot.

Let’s face it, everything you do to make the customer journey easier for your target audience ultimately benefits them, your business and your bottom line. So don’t just plop down some informative features and expect your prospects to come running. Do the homework and create the benefits that entice and motivate your target audience to buy.

The answer to more effective marketing and advertising starts with a question. Start asking today.

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