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Gone are the days when a brand could send the same email to every recipient and expect great results. Today’s consumers have short attention spans and want interesting content created specifically for them – at just the right time. Enter marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a broad term that refers to software that marketers use to effectively reach consumers with relevant content based on their individual behavior. When it comes to email marketing automation, dotdigital is the best in class.

dotmailer certification

I’m proud to share the news that InQuest Marketing recently became the only Kansas City-based certified dotdigital partner.

Let me outline what this means for you.

When you hire InQuest to execute an email marketing strategy on your brand’s behalf, dotdigital ensures your emails don’t feel like marketing to consumers. Rather, the goal is to provide them with content they find interesting, useful and actionable.

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Send Meaningful Messages

With dotdigital, we can easily access past and present data to predict what your customers want, and then quickly act on it during any stage of their journey. Here are several examples of how this is done.

  • Pull in relevant upsell and cross-sell content based on your customers’ behaviors and profiles.
  • Be predictive by monitoring your customers’ and prospects’ behavior on your website with WebInsight and other tracking tools.
  • Add in your customers’ purchased or recommended products, locations, birthdays, and other details that you may have collected using dotmailer’s survey functionality.

Plus, dotdigital integrates with your existing e-commerce or CRM platform – such as Magento and Shopify – to make your existing data work harder for your email marketing campaigns.

Smarter Segmentation

The size of your list is far less important than how well you use it. This is especially true as consumers are increasingly inundated with marketing emails that often go straight to the trash bin. With dotdigital, we can be smarter about your email lists by:

  • Running automation programs based on consumers’ social profile and web behavior.
  • Utilizing your e-commerce order history.
  • Determining who should receive emails based on email engagement.

AB Testing example

Easy Testing

A/B testing is a practice used every day by digital marketers to determine which version performs best. Previously, we had to wait for the entire email to complete in order to know the results of the test. dotdigital, however, makes testing much simpler and faster than ever before.

InQuest can select the variables and criteria you want tested… and dotdigital does the rest. The platform automatically analyzes which variable is performing the best and then switches the remainder of your emails to send that variable. Examples of variables include:

  • Subject lines
  • Sender’s name
  • Creative
  • Sender’s email address

Optimized Send Times

How many times have you been asked, “When is the best time to send an email?” This has long been a challenge for email marketers because, truthfully, there is no right answer. The best time varies by person.

But with dotdigital’s Send Time Optimization feature, we can now automate email sends at the most likely time they’ll be opened by each individual. Even better, this feature works globally to optimize the differences between time zones.

How You Benefit

Reaching your customers with the right content at the right time means more revenue for your business. But besides the obvious benefits, partnering with InQuest Marketing to use dotdigital is better on your budget. Our team streamlines the process into a turnkey solution that empowers the user to design, develop and deploy responsive-design emails faster than ever before. When time equals money, this matters. Plus, we are a certified partner of dotdigital and use it for numerous clients, which means maximum value for you.

Contact Us for More Information

We’re excited to be the only certified partner of dotdigital in our market. This tool can do so much more than what I’ve covered in this blog post, so if you are interested in learning how your brand can benefit from email marketing automation, please contact me at 816-994-0990 or

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