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Recently, you may have noticed that we’ve updated our look! After nearly a decade with our old brand identity, we figured it was time for a change.

Before the rebrand.

This look lasted us a long time — nearly twelve years to be precise. While it served us well, you can see that it was certainly time for a change.

After the rebrand.

Here it is. Our new look. Sleek. Modern. Bold. Clean. Suggestive of our shift in focus to being a data-driven, digital-focused brand strategy shop.

Why change the brand?

Rebranding is a big move for any company, but has become more and more common as the speed of digital influences the way we do business. Some brands tweak their identity as often as 2-3 years, like MailChimp.

For us, there were a handful of reasons to change. We’d been using these same brand identity for close to a decade, which can feel like a lifetime when visual trends and best practices shift dramatically from year to year. We also saw the need to realign our brand with how we’ve evolved over the past several years – repositioning ourselves within the ad industry to better compete and differentiate from other agencies. Especially so potential clients know what’s important to us and why that matters for them.

In the end, a changing media landscape, the desire to reposition the agency, an expansion in our capabilities, the evolution of our culture and the need for inspiration all drove us to rebrand.

Reason 1: The landscape is changing.

As new platforms and best practices constantly cycle into the media landscape, it’s important for us to update our identity to not only fit current tastes and expectations, but also withstand the test of time. As a full-service agency, it was important that we stay relevant aesthetically and position ourselves as leaders in the advertising and brand strategy space.

To put it briefly — you have to walk the walk.

Our visual identity was becoming dated. Updating it offered us a chance to really dig deep on who we are and what kind of work we want to be creating with our clients.

At times, there was dissonance between the digital-first strategies we were suggesting to our clients and their perception of the agency.  As we continued to recommend and execute more and more digital, video, SEO and mobile-focused work for our clients, it was apparent that we needed to reshape our brand identity into one that looked and felt at home in that world.

In that sense, we wanted to align our identity with the kind of work we do in the minds of our clients, and we believe that our new branding captures that perfectly.

Reason 2: We are focusing on brand strategy first.

After reflecting on our approach, our values, and asking ourselves what kind of work matters most to us, we realized that the core of our business hasn’t changed. We still love brand strategy.

As our fearless leader Brian Olson put it, “Brand strategy comes first.”

Most agencies bring in consultants to provide strategic guidance on projects, but for us, it’s essential that we are a part of that strategic planning process. It’s not enough to build a great website or produce a stunning video — we need to look at how we can solve business problems for our clients. Sometimes that means excellent creative, but other times it means changing the model itself.

In short: we want to be trusted partners in our clients’ businesses.

That kind of relationship requires a big investment from both parties, but we believe that investment is worth its weight in gold if we are going to create the most value. This core principle informs who we work with and what kind of work we do.

Reason 3: Our capabilities have continued to grow.

Over time, we’ve shifted focus from traditional print media to digital media. While traditional media channels are still a valuable part of media mixes, digital channels have moved into the forefront of how people consume media.

Our team has grown to include folks experts in SEO, web design and development, video and motion graphics, paid media, content marketing, social media and more. And we’re not done growing!

Naturally, we want our brand identity to reflect this expansion into digital, both because it builds trust and the perception that we are the folks that execute great work when we follow through on our strategy, and also because it allows us to continue to do the kind of cutting-edge work that we love while staying in-house.

In a sense, our brand identity is proof of concept and evidence of where we are in our evolution in terms of what we are able to offer our partners.

Reason 4: Our culture has evolved.

Since our last rebrand, we’ve grown our team from roughly a dozen folks to nearly 50. That’s quadruple the people over the last decade or so.

As we’ve continued to add more and more folks to the team, naturally our company culture has changed. Today, our office atmosphere is one that promotes creativity, passion, and forward thinking. Nearly every department from digital to creative to channel has expanded and added folks with capabilities that didn’t exist during the last iteration of our brand.

With a more up-to-date team, we wanted to make sure that people felt like they’re working on the latest and greatest, and had a brand behind them that reflects that.

Reason 5: We wanted to spark inspiration.

When it comes down to it, sometimes we all need a flag to rally behind. For us, our new brand identity is that flag.

Being able to celebrate our rebrand this month allows our team to take ownership in our brand identity, have greater pride in what we’re doing, and collaborate in new ways in order to develop branding that really represented who we are and what we do.

If nothing else, it gave us a little extra push heading into 2019 to do our biggest and best yet.

Are you looking to rebrand? Good news: branding is what we do best.

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