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If you’ve decided to try incorporating micro-influencer partnerships into your marketing strategy, the next big decision is — who’s right for your brand? The selection process can be daunting. The truth is, there are a lot of engaged, savvy micro-influencers out there boosting brand awareness in authentic, engaging ways. (And if you aren’t sure whether this tactic is right for your brand, read our previous post: 3 Reasons You should Consider Working with Micro-Influencers.)

Before diving in, decide what you want out of the partnership. Knowing that will ensure your goals drive your decision-making process.

Are you looking for a quick brand boost to a lot of people? The micro-influencer version of advertising in the Super Bowl? Maybe the number of followers is most important. Or, are you interested in going deep with a niche audience? Hoping to build your following in a steady, intentional way? Then maybe product passion and audience engagement matter more.

To get going:

Look for brand alignment

Every influencer — even the micro-variety — has a carefully crafted brand image. Look for influencers you could imagine using your product. If you work with a healthy eatery, you’re probably not going to reach out to the influencer who’s posting meaty sandwiches and milkshakes. The yoga influencer? Maybe so.

This holds true even if you’re paying for posts. Buy on the channel that fits your brand.

Start with your inner circle

If you don’t have a CRM tool to help you vet and select influencers, you can still uncover them on your own. How?

  • Fans first. Who’s already posting about you? It’s perfectly fine to tap a fan — and not a self-proclaimed micro-influencer — for a potential partnership. In fact, all the better! Fans would probably be more than open to receiving free product for a post.
  • Scour the #hashtags. What hashtags are you using when you post about your product? See who else is using the same hashtags. If you’re a small brewery interested in raising awareness about a new beer on tap, see who else is using #DrinkLocal or #CraftBeer in your area.

Know your numbers

You might be tempted to pick the micro-influencer with the largest number of followers, but they aren’t always the most engaged. Look at activity over size. So, someone with 40,000 followers whose average posts get 2,000 likes doesn’t have the same engagement rate as someone with 20,000 followers whose posts get 5,000 likes.

Passion delivers. So, it’s worth paying for.

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