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Think back to all the important things you learned from your father when you were growing up. Okay, I’m using father because it’s Father’s Day weekend, but you learned things from your mother, too. You asked questions, listened, observed and then tried things yourself. One or both parents (or another important person in your life) taught you different types of things that they were good at, and you probably continue to use these in your lives today.

Well, your parents aren’t with you at work, so you need to find sources to help you continue growing and learning all the time. In the marketing and advertising world, the pace has picked up so quickly that there are opportunities every day to learn something new – and not just from your supervisor or mentor. You just have to be dedicated and work at it. And it does take work.

Here are a few points that can help in growing your knowledge on many topics:

  • Always listen intently when someone is telling you about a topic. Check out these ways to improve your listening skills.
  • Actively seek out the people that know more than you on a specific topic. There are many sources right around you. Just a few years ago, we weren’t even talking about digital and social media strategies like we are now. The industry continues to change rapidly, so if you don’t know all about something, find out.
  • Start by saying, “would you help me with something?” Most people want to be helpful and are flattered if you ask. Try it and you will be amazed.
  • Pay attention and ask questions, then ask more questions.
  • Make notes for two reasons: writing things down helps you remember later and it lets the person know you care about what they are saying. It makes a difference.

This mentoring idea also means that you are a good candidate to help someone else be knowledgeable. There are no years of experience, age or department guidelines for this to be successful. We all work in teams, so never miss the opportunity to learn from each other just like you did with your father and mother.

Oh, and spend time with your dad this Sunday and listen to him like never before.

Scott Williams

Author Scott Williams

Scott is Director of Account Services at InQuest Marketing. He leads the charge on many of the agency's larger B2B accounts. Scott makes a mean omelet and once rode in a race car with Mario Andretti.

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