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“Hello Valued Customer…” Really?! This was the greeting I received in an email after visiting a large sporting good retailer’s website and creating an account on their site.

My name is Stacie. I am interested in volleyball, softball, hiking, running, cycling, camping… AND THEY KNOW THIS! When I created “my” account, I personalized the profile; gave them my name, contact information, then checked the boxes of all the sports and activities I’m interested in that warrant my attention.

My hope was there would be updates as new equipment and clothing arrive for the activities I checked. And perhaps… a special offer or discount. I did receive a generic 10% off my next on-line order. I rarely, if ever, shop online. I felt like one of a million people who received that email that day. I did not feel heard.

They are clearly not ready for today’s omnishopper and the amount of readily available information that goes along with that.

“Eight out of 10 consumers globally use a computer, smartphone, tablet or in-store technology in shopping: that’s omnishopping. The omnishopper uses technology to discover a wider variety of products and to compare and learn more about her choices. The diversity of opinion and the sheer number of information sources are key to driving this ‘in-charge’ feeling of confidence that’s part of the onmishopper’s DNA.”
-The Onmishopper Project, 2015, MasterCard Omnishopper Report

Omnishoppers expect brands to use the information they have collected to connect with them more personally.

In The Retailer’s Dilemma: Selling to the ‘Smarter’ Shopper, “Getting smart about smart shoppers is paramount to a retailers success, yet shoppers consistently report they’re frustrated that retailers don’t get it,” says Mathieu Loury, Senior Vice President of Merchant Solutions for MasterCard Advisors.

The large sporting goods retailer that sent me the email didn’t get it. It’s hard for me to be brand loyal to a company/retailer that isn’t willing to know me, especially when I have taken time to personalize my account. We’ve all done a mail merge at one time in our lives. Match up my data with your welcome email and voila; I feel special, heard and engaged with your brand and your store.

Brands need to connect with customers; to match up their customer data and what they know customers “like” with relevant and meaningful offers. One of our retail customers engages in a highly personalized loyalty program, and in one year; their average basket size increased $1, complete store sales experienced double digit growth for 52 weeks and 90% of customers engaged in their program. They have maintained the top spot in one of the most highly competitive retail markets in the nation. We make sure our clients get it.

“70% of omnishoppers like to buy from retailers they’ve bought from before.”
-Retailer’s Dilemma

My name is Stacie. I’m an omnishopper.

Dear Valued Retail Store, I want to continue buying from you. Speak directly to me, please.

MasterCard Global Consumer Survey from “The Retail CMO’s Guide to the Omnishopper”

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