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If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they wanted a “marketing blitz” I would be retired, sitting on a beach drinking a cocktail. It happens often and all too many times these blitzes fall short due to the lack of strategy thought-out beforehand.

What are these so called blitzes? A blitz usually comes about when a company has an offering they want to communicate to their customers within a certain period of time. These offerings could be a number of things like a new product, service, incentive, or they just want to get the word out about their company. From my experience in the B2B world, companies would create and send a direct mailer or email blast, or maybe both. That’s it. That was their blitz. Not much invested in strategy and budgets. The results, well, they were sub-par at best.

When I think of a blitz I think of an all-out bombardment on a target. Well, that sounds a bit too much like a military strike. I’ll use football as an analogy. A blitz in football is when the defense sends more players than normal straight for the quarterback – and from all angles – in order to sack or disrupt the quarterback. The football blitz can take many forms and each were developed based on strategy. This same approach can be applied to marketing.

Here are some tips on how to improve your blitzes so you can sack that quarterback and win the game.

  • Build your blitz package: This is where you’ll need to spend some time and strategize. Identify the quarterback (your customer) and any channels to reach that customer, which could include direct mail, phone calls, TV, Radio, social media, email, etc.
  • Be sure to include clear goals and objectives of this blitz and ways to measure success.
  • Utilize your data and other resources to form your message and determine timing of when to reach your customers. And of course, layout a budget with timelines on all executions.
  • Assign responsibilities to your team – should you have one.
  • Blitzes are not limited to one or two weeks. In the B2B world, blitzes could be 1 to 3 months. Which would make these blitzes more like mini campaigns.
  • These blitzes could turn into ongoing programs or could be turned off and on again throughout the year.

So the next time your company calls an audible and requests that you send a marketing blitz, take a time out, think about the big picture, and develop a strategic plan with budgets, timelines and ways to measure success.

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