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With April Fools’ Day upon us once again, we thought it would be a perfect moment to review some of the best online April Fools pranks, promotions and ads created over the years.


Since 2001 online retailer ThinkGeek has made April Fools’ Day their national holiday. They are the master of new fools products that have become actual released products after their customers have clamored for them. With products like My First Bacon – Talking Plush, Star Wars Glowing Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker and Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger, it’s easy to see ThinkGeek’s continued success on April 1. They even keep a running list of each year’s jokes.

ThinkGeek April Fool’s Products of Yore

Amazon Dash Button

Released the day before April Fools’ in 2015, many believed this amazing little device to be a big joke. Amazon brilliantly used the opportunity to release a new product that would get more organic traction as many would perceive this to be a joke. What does the Amazon Dash Button do? Stick it next to your supply of product and if you’re running low push the button and it will automatically order that product through your Amazon account.

Google Maps Pac-Man

One of the biggest time-suckers of 2015 was the Google Maps Pac-Man mode. This classic fools stunt lasted for one week and was dearly missed by those nostalgic for 80s arcades and bad hair.

Samuel Adams HeliYUM Beer

Some companies go for the pure joke factor like Samuel Adams did in 2014. They released a YouTube video of Jim Cook, the founder of Samuel Adams, explaining their new beer release that infuses Helium in their new offering. Take a look at the video: Introducing Samuel Adams HeliYUM

The Taco Liberty Bell

Before the internet was ubiquitous, brands had to rely on more traditional means of mass media to pull off their pranks. Taco Bell infamously pulled a fast one on all of American when it ran full page ads in six major American newspapers on April 1, 1996 stating that it had purchased the Liberty Bell. Read more about this epic prank.

Social Jokes

Several companies utilize their social media channels for their April Fools’ jokes, take a look at the samplings below:

Domino’s Pizza UK – EdiBox

Lego Turtle Delivery

Microsoft Office 2016 for Cats

Roku Releases Dating Channel

So what’s in store for 2016?

Check back all day today. We’ll be posting a list of the best (and worst) April Fools’ jokes for this year, hopefully we will not be disappointed.

And just in case all of these weren’t enough, The Washington Post has put together an extensive list of all the pranks going on today.

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