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Aligning a thought leadership and content marketing strategy positions your company and its leaders as industry experts. And although thought leadership can be valuable to your company’s growth, implementing it as part of your content strategy can be challenging. Here are a few tips to combine thought leadership and content marketing into one powerful force:

Understand your audience.

You may be an expert, but your content is meaningless if you’re not speaking to and reaching the right people. Who is your target audience? What are their wants and needs? What challenges do they face? What are their interests? What questions are they asking? Know what makes them tick and understand the steps they take to find you credible enough to be a thought leader.

Provide valuable information.

Posting meaningful, relevant content that provides business solutions, answers common questions and offers new ideas will show your knowledge of the industry and build trust. Be confident, authentic and involve your audience by asking questions. Developing content that is helpful to your target audience will establish your company and its leaders as experts in their eyes. And showing your curiosity by asking direct questions will help build credibility.


Consistently deliver fresh content.

Assign a dedicated content team and draft a scheduled content calendar. Get into a rhythm of regularly developing creative, engaging content that educates your audience. Use facts, quotes, examples and curate content from other sources while adding your own perspective. Promote and publish your content across multiple channels – social media, blogs, websites and newsletters. Create, publish, promote, repeat!


Erica Lopresti

Author Erica Lopresti

Erica is an Account Executive at InQuest Marketing. She leads key marketing discussions with clients and works closely with internal teams to ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, and to client standards. Her favorite agency memory came when her client was recognized as a Top 10 exhibitor out of 2,800 at a major industry tradeshow. Erica's hobbies include drawing (her go-to mediums are charcoal or pencil) and traveling (Thailand is next on her list).

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