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You mean I have to test an email campaign before I send it out?

The short answer is YES! There are many components of an email campaign that should be checked (and triple checked) before sending. The email may look good, but it’s actually not that simple.

Step 1: Subject Lines and Preheaders

This is often overlooked during the testing process.

If an email campaign has a subject line or preheader that includes a special character, such as an apostrophe, this could render differently in the recipient’s inbox. Sometimes the character will show up as HTML code or a symbol. With this being the first thing the email recipient sees, it’s important they do not see errors right off the bat.

Step 2: Images

All images should have alt-text behind them (text describing the image in the instance the recipient has opted to not display images within emails). Alongside this, you want to make sure all images are sized correctly and are the right resolution.

Sometimes, an email service provider (ESP) can alter image sizes once the email campaign is in its system. It’s important to make sure the images line up correctly and don’t change size or move once the email is in the recipient’s inbox.

Source: The Modern Tog

Step 3: Copy and Grammatical Errors

This one may seem obvious, but copy and grammatical errors can be the easiest to miss. The copy of the email may go through several different people and departments before it lands in the actual email campaign. This makes the chance of a simple error highly likely and easy to overlook. Triple check all copy by asking a few people to proofread the email campaign before the final deploy.

Step 4: Links

Although it may be a tedious task, clicking every link within the email campaign is extremely important. The last thing you want is for your email to take the recipient to an incorrect landing page or, worse, no landing page at all. Double check to make sure all links are working, taking you to the correct page and there are no broken links.

Step 5: Landing Pages

Once the email looks great and you have ensured all links and copy are correct, the final step is to check the landing pages themselves. Why? If your landing page has errors, your campaign may not perform as well. Use the steps in this blog post to check everything on your landing pages, as well.

Email testing is a crucial step in the whole email process. Use these five steps when testing your next campaign to ensure you catch any errors before it’s too late. And check out my blog post on the 4 Best Practices of Email Marketing.

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