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When was the last time you reviewed your company’s LinkedIn profile? If it’s been awhile, this post is for you.

LinkedIn is a great business tool because it provides you the opportunity to reach potential customers/clients in a professional setting, showcase your brand as an industry leader, and even recruit top talent. So why wouldn’t you make sure that your LinkedIn company profile delivers a great first impression?

A lackluster profile is the equivalent of giving a formal presentation to a group of investors in a t-shirt and flip flops. It makes the audience question the legitimacy and professionalism of your business. Your LinkedIn presence is your chance to capture the interest of whoever sees it, so here’s what you should do to update your LinkedIn company page and establish authority on the platform.

1. Update Your Profile Photo

When someone searches for your business on LinkedIn, the profile photo is the first thing they’ll see. It’s important that this element is consistent with your website’s branding and the look you use on other social media platforms. You can use just your logo, like Adobe does, since the business name always shows up next to it.

If your business name is your logo, like Adweek, make sure the image is crisp and the text doesn’t get cut off.

I suggest removing any taglines that are normally included with your logo (if brand standards allow) since the text will be too small to read. The International Railway Journal profile photo includes its full name spelled out beneath the initials, even though you can’t read it either in search or on the company page, and it ends up looking cluttered or off in the search bar.

2. Add a Cover Photo

As I was perusing LinkedIn to find cover photo examples to include in this article, I was surprised at how many company pages don’t have them. It’s not required, but why wouldn’t you seize the opportunity?

Cover photos give you the opportunity to add some visual interest and personality to your company page. Stay on brand, but have a little fun with the background. NASA’s cover photo is very striking and totally on brand.

I also like the cover photo for Helix Architecture + Design. It speaks to what they do from an unexpected and interesting perspective.

Using text in a cover photo can work, but be mindful of margins so that things don’t get too covered up. Be sure to check how your cover photo looks on different devices, and even in different browsers.

Dell included a statement in their cover photo and it does resize well for mobile, too. It likely matches a current campaign and helps create cohesion across channels, which is a good strategy to employ when thinking about what to use for this element.

3. Write a Strong “About Us” Section

This is your chance to tell potential customers/clients who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

The About Us section should highlight your brand in a few well-written sentences that maintain your brand’s voice. Weave keywords into the copy that you’ve already identified as important to your business for SEO purposes. REI, an outdoor retail co-op, and Athleta, a women’s activewear brand, both have nice About Us sections.

4. Add Company Details
Your company page isn’t complete until you fill out the additional fields under the “Company Details” section. These fields include:

  • Website URL
  • Headquarters
  • Year Founded
  • Company Type
  • Company Size
  • Specialties
  • Locations
  • Featured Groups

Offering this information provides value to those already looking into your business, and it makes your page more likely to be found by those looking for something your business offers.

Once your LinkedIn company page is updated, you’ll already be steps ahead of many of your competitors on the platform. Your next step is sharing engaging and useful content for your followers, but more on that in another post. Stay tuned!

Melissa Slack

Author Melissa Slack

Melissa is a Digital Content Specialist at InQuest Marketing. She creates and manages social media content for a variety of clients, and she also has experience in SEO, SEM and public relations. Her favorite things about InQuest are the people. Melissa loves her rescue dog and tackling home renovation projects, and she could eat tacos everyday.

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