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Email marketing is constantly changing as technology advances and consumer habits change. Here are several new trends in 2017 to spice up your emails and engage your customers.

Interactive Emails

Emails with an interactive functionality may be one of the fastest growing trends in marketing this year. Interactive emails allow the recipient to take action within the email itself, which then triggers an event within the same email. This type of marketing keeps recipients engaged for a longer period of time within the email so they don’t have to jump to a landing page.

Some examples of interactive emails include search bars, image galleries, sliders, offer reveals, quizzes, reviews and more. (See examples below.)

Image galleries (carousel)


Video in Email

While embedded videos are a form of interactive emails, they stand out from the rest. By including a video within your email, you are capturing the user’s attention immediately as well as making your email easier to understand. This will feel like more of an app-like experience for the email user and keep their attention longer.

video thumbnail

Automated Emails

Triggered emails, such as welcome emails and abandoned cart emails, can bring in a large amount of email marketing revenue. These emails are sent automatically when a new user signs up to receive emails, makes a purchase, or even as a reminder when a user hasn’t purchased items that are still sitting in his or her cart. This keeps your brand top of mind for these recipients and helps develop and maintain a relationship.

cart email

As you take a look at the top email marketing trends in 2017, remember that user engagement is one of the most important factors in the performance of your emails. Making your emails stand out among a bland inbox will help maintain a great relationship with your customers and keep their interest on your business.

Email marketing changes every year – just take a look at our 2016 Email Marketing Trends blog post. What are your predictions for 2018? Let us know in the comments section or on social media.

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