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Thank you to our friends, family, and partners.

As 2018 comes to a close, we thank all of our clients who helped make it such a great year, and look forward to continuing our partnerships into 2019.

2018 was a year of exciting change and growth, both in terms of our team at InQuest and our client base.  Our mindset and focus will continue to evolve in 2019 as well, including new capabilities, resources and the development of new and existing relationships.  As we continue to onboard tremendous talent at InQuest, we look forward to leveraging our team to bring new ideas and solutions to the table for our clients.

Creating strong brands remains our focus.

While much has changed in our industry and business, some things remain the same.

We are focused now more than ever on strategies to grow our clients’ brands. With the number of marketing channels skyrocketing, brand strategy becomes even more important.

This means working as partners and collaborators with our clients, as opposed to just outputting work. We strive to be valuable partners by diving into our client’s industries and businesses to truly understand what their needs are. How does their brand stack up against competitors and how do we best reach their target audience?  The answers often lie in the data.  Since we invested in data analytics capabilities in the early 2000s, this discipline has come full circle as data-driven, digital solutions are a must for many of our clients.

We aim to help brands navigate – and maximize – their digital presence.

The advertising industry, like most industries, continues a major acceleration towards digital and shows no signs of stopping.

The challenge for marketing executives is to utilize partners that have expertise in these new areas, but to maintain a strong and consistent brand message across all channels.  But as more partners get involved, managing budgets and measuring ROI grows in difficulty – not to mention time involved in managing multiple resources to ensure brand integrity is maintained.

InQuest has grown due to a focus on growing capabilities to provide our clients with expertise across all channels, under one roof.  While many in our industry claim to be full service, they often out-source various services which can increase cost and decrease effectiveness.  As a truly full-service agency, we are uniquely positioned to handle every aspect of digital and traditional campaigns, including mobile first thinking, video production and editing, SEO/SEM and media planning and buying. With everything in house, we are able to plan, execute and measure impact for our clients while also being good stewards of their budgets.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

We are extremely excited for 2019 and look forward to continued mutual growth for InQuest and our clients.

Best wishes,

Brian Olson

Brian Olson

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Brian Olson is the owner of InQuest Marketing.

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