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With more than 8,000 devices that are able to access websites, a company’s presence on the internet is increasingly important as it is often the first contact that a potential new customer has with the brand. A great website is visually engaging and easy to navigate. More than anything it should deliver what the visitor needs with minimal effort on their part.

Every day new and exciting things are happening in web design. New websites are published daily filled with new ideas and techniques. Some push the boundaries of what’s expected in a website, while others give the expected.

Let’s explore some web design trends emerging in 2015 that can help with human interaction and breaking though to deliver your message to your user base.

Admittedly, this isn’t a 2015 design trend. Responsive websites have been around for several years. However when looking at new web design trends, it is imperative to design websites with all the different connected devices in mind.

With more than 50 percent of the users interacting with your websites via a mobile device, it does more harm than good to not have a responsive site. Careful design considerations are needed to make a website effective on both a desktop and mobile device.

The way users view information on a mobile device differs greatly from a traditional desktop. With desktops, it’s much easier to click around and find the information you’re looking for. On a mobile device, 48 percent of user interaction starts with a search. Keeping in mind that the mobile traffic will continue to grow will help as you’re designing and developing a new website that will effectively break through to your customer base.

Videos are not just for YouTube any more. Be it video backgrounds or engaging informational videos to help break through and bring your message to the forefront. Integrate video into your website; make it a central part of your website design, not just an afterthought.  Think big and impactful.

The availability of higher bandwidth on the web gives the opportunity to engage your user with video for a few moments and help deliver your message to the visitors of your website. Use an introductory video to tease your message, showing just enough to get interest, then on a user click, display a full video to deliver your full message. It’s a very powerful way to interact and deliver your message keeping a user engaged.

Background Video Sample

For the Love of the Reef

For the Love of the Reef does a great job with integrating video into their website design.

Big, cinematic imagery seems to be the most dominate of new web design trends these days. Responsive interaction with large images is easy and effective. A large image with an impactful message overlay sets a tone for your users, helps build interest and encourages site exploration. These work well on both desktop and mobile and can help speed the development of a website as they are easy to code.

While stock photos are important for any design, utilizing custom professional photography can help take your site a step further. You won’t have to worry about anyone else having the same imagery and also helps keep your site real and unique.

Cinematic imagery has been around for a few years, but the combination of custom photography and large impactful images can take your site to the next level.

Cinematic Imagery Samples

BRDR Kruger Cinematic Imagery

BRDR Kruger utilizes cinematic imagery to put the spotlight on its products.

CSS3 animation or Parallax effects have evolved to more mainstream usage as more browsers support this technique. Effects can range from simple image fly in’s and simple text blocks appearing from empty space to over the top and interactive story telling devices.

Animated images help bring importance to the information and make simple information seem more important. It keeps the user engaged to discover more of your website and serve as a retention tool. Keeping things simple can be the most effective use of this technique.

Animation Sample

Creations Namale

Animation, such as Creations Namale uses, adds depth to a website.

More and more websites are trying think outside the box and break out of normal boxy website designs. Designers don’t like to be constrained within the expected. A good designer wants to get away from traditional web design and act like the rectangle never existed.

Browser windows will continue in rectangular frames, but the evolution of the designs within that browser window will make a big difference. Angles, circles, and hexes are appearing increasingly more often to help make unique visual spaces and attract attention.

Breakout Design Sample

Species Pieces

Example of breaking out of boxy website designs.

These web design trends have been emerging slowly over the last few years and not every new technique will be right for every website. Finding the right balance to make your website stand out and attract the user base that most resonates with your business is the end goal. These trends being said, the most important aspect of any web design is to consider content first. Always start with the most basic aspect and build from there.

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