It Begins With The Brand

No matter the size of the company or the scale of the challenge, we start by understanding the brand. While the final product might be a banner ad or brochure, the first step is always getting to know the brand.

That’s why we ask questions. Lots of them. It’s how we get to know clients and their businesses and begin building long-term relationships.


The rules of marketing have changed. Consumers have taken control of the conversation. They now decide how, where and when to engage with brands. It's our job to help our clients navigate this ever-changing landscape.

We work as a strategic partner with clients to fully understand their brand, set marketing goals and develop plans that will meet those objectives on time and on budget. At InQuest, strategy is our DNA. We dive into market and customer research to identify insights that allow clients to separate their brand from the competitors.


We believe in big ideas. But we believe their value comes when they're born of solid strategy.

While it’s always tempting to dive straight into a project, we make sure we fully understand the problem we’re trying to solve. Only then can we leverage our insights to find new and inventive ways for the brand message to have power. When our target is inspired to action, we know we’ve done our job.


We're all so inundated with ads today that the market has invented ad blockers and DVRs just to help people escape.

It’s our job to break through. The best way to do that is make sure the content is relevant, useful, and presented via the right channels. Whether it’s broadcast, print, digital, social or one-on-one salesmanship, we have the expertise to ensure what clients have to say comes through strong and consistent.

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