“Good” marketers are consummate observers. They witness and understand what motivates people to act, to walk away, to purchase, or to smile. But “great” marketers? They’re the ones who take that understanding and do something with it.

They connect. They create change. They take brands to a higher place.

That’s InQuest Marketing.
A partner built for and solely focused on elevating the brands we represent.

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Moving to higher ground, whether literally or metaphorically, requires both courage and trust. Only the
courageous will fix their vision upward and pursue it. But will the peak bear weight, or will it crumble? Is the platform well-built? Is the ladder steady and unwavering? Courage is validated by trust.

Trust makes things solid; Trust creates a foundation that can hold, support and sustain over time. InQuest builds brand trust by first committing to honest relationships with clients. We tell the truth, no matter how painful the truth may be. Truth galvanizes trust and allows us to collaboratively build and elevate brands equipped to handle the pressures of market leadership.



For over a decade, the region’s largest grocery retailer has turned to InQuest to elevate and separate their brand.



From Brand health and management to voice and personality, InQuest has helped take Missouri’s largest regional health care system to new heights.



With their sights set even higher, the global leader in secure commerce and credentials solutions for colleges and universities partners with InQuest.



InQuest teams up with North America’s largest provider of terminal tractors to build market share and navigate their climb.

What We Do

We develop data-driven strategies, enduring identities, and compelling content to connect brands with customers.

Brand Strategy

We partner with you to clarify your brand purpose, understand your business, identify how you stand out against competitors, and define your objectives.


We bring your brands and campaigns to life via big ideas, dynamic creative, and memorable messaging for any platform.

Media Buying & Planning

We make sure your message reaches the right consumers at the right time with integrated media strategies. We maximize your budget via in-house media buying.

Web & Digital

We offer web and mobile app development, SEO/SEM, email, and analytics to ensure your brand's digital presence is consistent, effective and inspiring.

Video Production

Our in-house video team produces high-quality video and motion graphics content to tell your story in real-time -- regardless of where it's viewed.

Social Media

Our paid and organic content strategies for social media (and public relations) create meaningful conversations, engage users to convert, and cultivates advocates for your brand.

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